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What our Students and Families say about OffMainMusic 
My son has been taking drum lessons with Off Main music for 3 years now and the quality of instruction is top notch! The staff are active musicians themselves still performing, and I really feel that gives anedge that alot of teachers out there are missing. And the yearly concert they put on is something my son looks forward to every year - a chance to perform live with a band at Ironworks. Off Main Music is the best out there. – Wendy D
We have been with Off Main Music for four years. Our son has loved both his guitar and drum lessons. The teachers are all top notch and bring diverse approaches to the lessons. The atmosphere is always friendly and encouraging and tailored to the student's aptitudes and skill level. Each year there is a concert held at a special venue in which each student joins a professional band for a song. At the end of the concert there is a reception for everyone to meet, and goodie bags for each student. It is an inspiring, fun, and relaxed atmosphere in which the students really shine. What a great way to develop a love of music and learn to play an instrument!." – Mary G
I am more than pleased to recommend your music school. Since my Grandson started taking guitar lessons with you about 10 months ago now he has gained more confidence in himself and has progressed to the point that those that hear him play have suggested that he should think of playing in a band,
(for real) what a compliment not only to him but also to Jenna and offmainmusic. I am a supporter for sure. Thanks for all your patience and dedicated support and instruction. Very much appreciated – Sandra C
Both of my sons have truly had their lives enriched through their participation in activities at off main music. The older learned to play bass and loved being part of the rock school group. He developed a passion for heavy metal music that has stayed with him (not sure if that is a plus or minus!!). The younger one plays drums and has developed an appreciation for music in many areas. Lisa and her team have been a pleasure to work with over the many years of our association (10+). They are patient, flexible, positive, encouraging - everything you would want in a mentor for your child – Rhea L
When Sara met Lisa, you just knew these two were kindred spirits. That was 6 yrs ago when Sara was 9, it's been going strong ever since. Girl drummers get special Rock Star Status. - Jim C
Lisa Lambert and her staff are an amazing group of talented professional musicians who also happen to be excellent teachers.
Niko Friesen has been teaching our 9 year-old son (who has autism) on the drums for about 2 years. Niko has a keen understanding of how to engage his students and inspire them to succeed. For our son, his drum lessons have enabled him to tap into his creativity, provided him with an outlet, and stirred passion. All of this has spilled into other areas of his life and the positive repercussions are tremendous.
The year-end concert is outstanding...highly entertaining, professionally done and what a fantastic way to uniquely showcase each student. Stellar job, Lisa. Thank you!  - Nanette O
The teachers at offmainmusic are all superb! My son Julien took drumming lessons and he especially enjoyed the opportunity to perform at a Concert arranged by Lisa Lambert and performed by all the students from the offmainmusic at the Ironworks Studio.
As a parent it was a thrill to see young performers play their individual songs accompanied by talented supportive musicians. The staff at Offmainmusic are dedicated musicians who teach music theory but also inspire their students to enjoy learning how to play.
Taking music lessons from offmainmusic is undoubtedly an experience that my son, Julien will always appreciate and value in his pursuit of a life with music. - Anne & Julien 
Off the hoof... what I'd like to say about you guys is.... you rock!
You are so friendly and welcoming and I really appreciate how accommodating and flexible you are when we have scheduling conflicts and need to make changes. All the teachers are great, but Joe has developed a special bond with Trevor and his style of teaching. This has kept Joe motivated and keen to learn - he thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Trevor each week. - Jane B
I am completely satisfied with off Main Music. My kids and I have been learning there for a few years. I've played guitar for over 30 years, and am now studying guitar and bass with Jenna. The instructors are encouraging and skilled at working with us at our individual levels. The atmosphere is casual, relaxed. The lessons are an ideal mix of serious work and great fun. - Terry N
My son feels 'at home' when he is at the studio - he often likes to go to his lesson a little bit early so that he relax in the waiting area and talk to some of the students, the parents, the staff.
It has been such a pleasure to watch my son's self-confidence grow along with his ability to play the guitar. The instructor is able to challenge him and is so inherently encouraging to him (and all her students, I suspect) that after every lesson he comes home happy and wanting to play and perfect what he just learned.
Where else can a school-aged student have the chance to play his
instrument on stage with a 'real' band? - Diana W
Our sons have taken drum lessons for the past 10 year. Lisa is really great at understanding kids and working with what they like. She introduces them to lots of different kinds of music and really shares her passion for music and drumming
It's an amazing experience to be taught by Lisa. She makes it so much fun to learn and it's always exciting. - Sarah W & I.R.A.
My son says "Lisa's drum lessons are the BEST thing in the world!!"
I say "The school has enabled my 12 year old son to develop such a wonderful self-esteem in the area of music that he has just started to play in a rock band at school. Also, we so appreciate Lisa for her flexibility in making our crazy schedules work.
Thank you very much Lisa and staff. - Mom of a student
For the last six years Niko Friesen has been my son's drumming mentor. Niko is an immensely talented and generous musician as well as gifted teacher. Niko played a significant role in preparing my son for his auditions in music programmes at Lord Byng Secondary. Currently, my son is in the senior jazz band. Thanks Niko!!!
Our relationship with Lisa Lambert began approximately six years ago. Her enthusiasm and warmth are compelling. She loves music and provides a nurturing haven for musicians to explore and to develop. The recitals that Lisa and Jennifer organize every June are outstanding, The recitals provide an opportunity for the performers to express themselves and develop confidence. Lisa - I appreciate your devotion to young, aspiring musicians. We are lucky to have you in our community.  - Linda M
I started drum lessons a few years back and I still really look forward to it. I enjoy sharing my love of rythmn and music with my grandchildren. They drum at the table with me when I'm practicing and they've even come to hear my recitals. Lisa is a wonderful teacher and is great and encouraging me.
Instructor Lisa has been my drum teacher for almost 7 years. She has been a marvelous motivator while being patient, energetic, compassionate, knowledgeable and showed me how to express music through the skills and techniques of drumming. She makes me believe that anyone at any age can learn music. I always look forward to her classes! - Nancy H
The Sample Family is pleased to recommend Off-Main Music! Our children feel successful and supported while they learn. This studio has a family feel; the teachers engage the emerging musician, and the person. Coming and going to lessons gives our kids connections to students adjacent to their time, but the 'Year End Recital' connects them to everyone. It is an amazing experience for students to play with a real band, and a wonderful opportunity for families to socialize and celebrate each year of progress. We give Off-Main Music 'Eight Thumbs Up'! - Chloe S
Our 11 year old twins Jakob and Gabriel started Off Main Music school more than 2 years ago and we cannot say enough about how great Lisa and her amazing, highly qualified staff are! They make learning fun, in an relaxed atmosphere, playing music our children are interested in .We rarely have to remind them to practice, they do it on their own because they enjoy it. They admire and respect their teachers, how experienced and friendly they are. Lisa's energy, enthusiasm and experience make us feel that our kids are learning from somebody who truly loves and knows music. Personal interaction with student is what makes this school different from others.
Our favorite part is student concert. Watching them performing with amazing professional musicians- what a treat! Such a unique opportunity for them to feel the stage and interact with excellent musicians.
I've recommended Off Main Music School to every friend of mine! - Nevena T

My son has special needs. He started taking drum lessons at Off Main Music and because of the excellent teachers (and more so because they are practitioners of their craft) we have continued his lessons for a number of years now. He practices very hard and looks forward to the annual student concerts. A year ago he created a band, similarly able friends, and with the expertise of an Off Main Music teacher they hold regular band practices. - Elizabeth T-W
Off Main Music School - We are very happy with the school. Our son who is ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and Anxiety Disorder loves taking drumming lessons. This is his third year. He is already looking forward to "playing in my next concert". This is a remarkable thing coming from a boy who takes medication for anxiety. I should also mention the quality instruction which is beyond exceptional. For anyone who has ASD having a routine is very important. However the calibre of instructors is such that our son has no problem having a substitute when his instructor is away.  - Nimet L